Frequently Asked Questions

Which method is used to apply hair extensions?

After researching the many different ways to install hair extensions, I chose to specialize in the installation of microbead wefts. In the past this method was only recommended for medium to thick hair types, but with our new Flat Weft and Handtied Wefts I am now able to create the same amazing thickness for my finer haired clients. In short, it is the most natural, lightweight and comfortable method available today for ALL hair types!

Do you do tape installation?

With regards to half and full head applications, the answer is no. However, I do provide a DUAL method system for clients struggling with density around the face. In these instances, I use the microbead weft technique along with a PARTIAL skin weft tape system to create a fuller look. I believe the less contact points the better condition your hair will stay, this is why I only offer it as a partial service.

Can I wear my hair up?

The answer is YES! Sew in wefts are positioned in a way that they are far enough away from the hairline so that you can into in a high pony with ease. Unlike other methods the ‘leave out’ of natural hair provides complete coverage of the wefts so no-one will know you are wearing them.

Can I swim whilst wearing hair extensions?

Yes, you can, however extensions will not last as long if you are a regular swimmer. Ideally when swimming protect them with a serum and wear up out of the water. After swimming you should always rinse the hair with fresh water as soon as possible and wash it with the appropriate shampoo and treatment specifically designed for hair extensions.

Can I colour my hair whilst wearing hair extensions?

Absolutely yes! The preferred way to colour is to line up with your ‘tightening’ appointment so you can have the extensions removed and the Colour can be applied to your natural hair. As a Colour Specialist I will match your extensions to blend seamlessly and create the most natural look. For root touch ups in between tightenings it’s absolutely possible to colour around the extensions provided there is no foiling or scalp bleach application involved.


Hair Extensions however should never be lightened, only toned with a semi permanent gloss a similar shade or darker.

What hair is used?

I offer a range of Premium Quality hair to suit all budgets. See Services page for more details.

Will they slip out?

No! My flat track method is a linked track that prevents traditional bead slippage and ensures a secure fitting. You will never need to worry about your wefts slipping out!!

How long does it take to install?

Sew in microbeads are the quickest method available. The majority of my clients are fitted with their dream hair in 2-3 hours! *please note with colour application it is approximately 4 hours.


Half Head applications are completed within 1-2 hours.